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This persuasive and passionate book is for the s what Silent Spring was for an earlier decade — an urgent warning to everyone who cares about the fate of the earth. But You Kill Ants John Waddell , John Waddell This is a concise and informative little book that answers of the most common arguments against vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Compassion, The Ultimate Ethic. Examines why people are turning to this compassionate way of living and the difference it is making in their lives. Includes information on nutrition, raising children and weight reduction.

This irresistibly entertaining book recounts the random incidents and soul-searching that inspired a reluctant party boy to devote his life to a cause, without ever abandoning his sense of mischief and fun. With self-deprecating wit and candor, Mathews reveals all the edgy details of his unorthodox coming-of-age and equally outrageous career. Diet for a Gentle World. Eating with Conscience. Les Inglis , Paragon Press Diet for a Gentle World looks at how animal-based food consumption is hazardous to our health, how insensitive the animal industry is to the animals it processes, and provides a startling picture of the devastation being inflicted on the environment.

But Les Inglis goes beyond just examining the problems; he offers many practical, inexpensive, and simple solutions that anyone can follow. Diet for a New America John Robbins , Stillpoint Publishing How your food choices affect your health, happiness and the future of life on earth. Details the medical, environmental and compassionate reasons for reducing our animal food intake. A best selling classic. Eternal Treblinka. Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust.

PDF Eating Vegetarian for Pregnant Women (The Concise Collections)

Patterson postulates that the techniques, knowledge, attitudes, and experience gained in the human exploitation of animals were instrumental not only in the Holocaust, but in a broader sense were instrumental toward all kinds of exploitation of humans, including war, slavery, and colonialism. Exploding a Myth: Questions and Answers on Vivisection Australian Association for Humane Research , self-published This short booket is designed to help those who seriously question the validity of animal experimentation to answer the most commonly asked question.

The booklet concentrates on the question of whether or not vivisection has advanced medical science. Food for a Future. How world hunger could be ended by the twenty-first century. John Wynne-Tyson , Thorsons Publishers Ltd This classic work outlines the case for a more responsible and humane attitude towards our food resources.

Exploitation and Starvation in a World of Plenty Geoffrey Yates , Earthright Publications This wide-ranging book looks at the world food problem from a vegetarian point of view.

The author considers many aspects — world population growth, food production, agriculture and land use, nutrition — and the ecological, economic, social, ethical and political implications. The book is thought-provoking, designed to stimulate consideration of the problems facing the world.

It challenges many assumptions about the problems and suggests alternative approaches. Happier Meals, Rethinking the Global Meat Industry Danielle Nierenberg , Worldwatch Industry As livestock numbers grow, our relationship with these animals and their meat is changing.

But meat production has come a long way since the origins of animal domestication. In a very short period, raising livestock has morphed into an industrial endeavor that bears little relation to the landscape or to the natural tendencies of the animals. Covers harmlessness in diet, clothing and personal health; peace and inner harmony; our responsibilities to ourselves, fellow humans and other animals; respect and care for the planet and its resources; sustainable veganic agriculture; etc.

Included between the chapters are inspiring and instructive quotations. How are we to Live? Ethics in an age of self-interest. Peter Singer , Text Publishing In this book Peter Singer suggests that people who take an ethical approach to life often escape from the trap of meaningless, finding a deeper satisfaction in what they are doing than do people whose goals are narrower and more self-centred.

Humane Education Helena Pederson , Swedish Fund for Research Without Animals This documentary study deals with animal experimentation as a teaching and learning method from educational perspectives, student perspectives, and animal and sustainability perspectives. If this is indeed the case, how then will we Australians continue to justify their slaughter? It presents an evidence-based, comprehensive overview of the link between disease and consumption of animal products. The Price of Meat.

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Danny Penman , Gollancz Animals reared for the table no longer live in the rural utopia depicted by ad execs on food packaging. Over the last 50 years the meat industry has changed beyond recognition, the only goal increased output for less cost and never mind the consequences.

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The BSE crisis has offered a glimpse of how little the meat industry cares — either for the health of the consumer or for the welfare of farm animals. But this is only one feature of farming that the industry is keen to hide. Hard-hitting, revealing and deeply unsettling, The Price of Meat takes the meat industry apart, exploring the issues and examining cruelty-free alternatives, and offering insight into the philosophy of animal rights, the driving force behind one of the fastest growing reform movements in the world. It provides the facts about 50 problems of animal abuse, giving the solution to each problem and outlines over ways in which we can help combat the exploitation of animals.

This book exposes the political protection, misinformation and PR glitz which have propped up the all-powerful meat culture. Includes the facts behind the BSE scandal. Highly recommended reading. Examines the health, ethical and environmental issues surrounding food choices through the work of eight featured experts. This book can also be downloaded from the internet from www. When Elephants Weep. The Emotional Lives of Animals. This book presents a powerful case for re-examining our entire relationship with the animal world. The service humanity is to render is that of producing unity, harmony, and beauty in nature, through blending into one functioning, related unity the soul in all forms.

This book, based on a series of lectures given to the theology faculty at Oxford University, is a carefully prepared and argued discussion of the theology of animal rights in which the author takes the community of faith to task for its blindness to the centrality, within the Christian tradition, of duty to animals.

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He argues that contemporary agribusiness, based on the commodification of animals, is immoral and theologically indefensible. Particularly damning are the chapters on scientific experimentation, hunting for sport, meat-eating and genetic engineering. Lindsay is an important, pioneering, Christian voice speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Kausalyayan , Buddha Bhoomi Prakashan A foray into Buddhism in the form of questions and answers, outlining the main principles relating to moderation, non-violence, wisdom, ethical conduct, and mental discipline. How to Live without Fear and Worry K.

The learned Prelate discusses issues relating to Buddhism and problems of the work-a-day world, imparting practical wisdom. Getting rid of fear and worry and the pursuit of happiness are goals of all human beings irrespective of caste, creed or race. The Venerable author, eloquently advocates methods to overcome these. The Circle of Creation.

Chapter 7. Vitamin A

Animals in the Light of the Bible. Includes extended comics depicting the lives of philosophers Confucius and Mencius, sutra scripts in Chinese, and several vegetarian recipes. The Higher Taste Bhaktivedanta Pranhupada , Bhaktivedanta Book Trust A practical guide to the exciting new world of gourmet vegetarian cooking… for a higher purpose.

Discover the health and economic advantages, as well as important ethical and spiritual considerations, of this eco-friendly approach to diet and nutrition.

T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Geared toward making spiritual enlightenment accessable to everyone. The Science of Self-Realisation L. Longergan , Bhaktivedanta Book Trust A very comprehensive collection of interviews, lectures, essays, and letters, focussing on the practice of meditation and yoga in the modern age. The Wheel of Health L.

Longergan , Leaves of Autumn A comprehensive guide to the health- and nutrition-related concepts of a vegetarian diet, in the context of the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.